Figure 1.

Isolation and characterisation of mammary epithelial cell subpopulations. (a) Flow cytometric staining profiles (dead and CD45+ cells excluded) of anti-Sca-1 and 33A10 stained, freshly isolated mouse mammary cell preparations together with nonspecific IgG-stained control. (b) Graphical space representation of principal component analysis of mammary fibroblasts, Sca-1+ 33A10Low/-, Sca-1- 33A10High and Sca-1- 33A10Low/- cells. (c) Mean fold differences ± 95% confidence limits in RNA abundance measured by quantitative real-time PCR for estrogen receptor (Esr1) and prolactin receptor (Prlr) transcripts in Sca-1+33A10Low/- (n = 5 samples) and Sca-1- 33A10High (n = 3 samples) mammary subpopulations compared with bulk mammary cell preparations depleted for CD45+ cells (comparator; n = 3 samples). The dotted lines indicate the 95% confidence limits of the comparator sample. All samples show a significant difference to the comparator (**P < 0.01) [35].

Smalley et al. Breast Cancer Research 2007 9:R85   doi:10.1186/bcr1834
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