Figure 3.

Venn diagrams demonstrating the distribution of downregulated genes, of upregulated genes, and of all regulated genes at each time point. The expression of genes present within all three circles (white) is altered at all three time points. Genes present in two circles (purple, yellow and light blue) are regulated at the two time points indicated. The expression of genes only present in one circle (red, green and blue) are only altered at one time point. The number of differentially expressed genes at each time point does not differ significantly. The 6 and 24 hour time points shared more transforming growth factor beta1-regulated genes than were shared between the 1 and 6 hour time points, or the 1 and 24 hour time points.

Xie et al. Breast Cancer Res 2003 5:R187-R198   doi:10.1186/bcr640
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