Figure 1.

Breast tumor characterization using module scores. (a) Joint distribution between the estrogen and ERBB2 amplification scores in example datasets. Clusters are identified by Gaussian mixture models with three components. The ellipses correspond to the 95% cumulative probability around the cluster centers. The clusters are designated as tumor types ER-/ERBB2-, HER2+, and ER+/HER2-. HER2+ tumors show intermediate estrogen scores. (b) Dot histograms showing dependence of proliferation score on the subtypes. The median and quartiles for each group are shown by the box plot. ER-/ERBB2- and HER2+ tumors show high proliferation scores, whereas ER+/HER2- tumors show a wide range of proliferation scores. The distributions of the intrinsic subtypes (colored dots), BRCA1 mutations, and p53 mutations are shown in datasets where they are available. ER, estrogen receptor.

Wirapati et al. Breast Cancer Research 2008 10:R65   doi:10.1186/bcr2124
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