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File showing the differences in expression of ABC transporters, Abcg2 and Abcb1, detected among the cell lines and parental tumors. (A) Expression of Abcg2 among six Brca1 cell lines. (B) Expression of Abcb1 in five cell lines that represent each one of the five independent tumors. Relative (C) Abcb1 and (D) Abcg2 expression in parental cells, cells sorted for respective stem cell markers, and unsorted cells growing as spheroids. Expression of each transporter is normalized to Pmca4 housekeeping gene, as described in Materials and methods. The bars represent ± standard deviation from triplicate samples. One of three independent experiments is shown.

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Wright et al. Breast Cancer Research 2008 10:R10   doi:10.1186/bcr1855