Figure 3.

Brca1 cells expressing stem cell markers and cells growing as spheroids are highly resistant to cisplatin. A1.8 parental cells, cells from dispersed spheroids, and cells sorted for Stem Cell + (CD44+/CD24-) and Stem Cell – (CD44-/CD24+) markers were treated simultaneously with increasing concentrations of cisplatin for 48 hours. (a) Parental A1.8 cells (solid symbols) compared with spheroid-derived cells (open symbols). (b) A1.8 cells sorted as Stem Cell + (open symbols) and Stem Cell – (solid symbols) populations. (c) Morphologic appearance of control untreated cells and cells exposed to 8 μmol/l cisplatin, as indicated on each panel. Note the formation of aggregates from spheroid-derived dispersed cells at the end of 72 hours in culture. One of three independent experiments is shown here.

Wright et al. Breast Cancer Research 2008 10:R10   doi:10.1186/bcr1855
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